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Portfolio Concept – The Independent Asset Managers – Transparency that inspires trust

More and more investors feel badly advised when it comes to money. They have lost confidence in bank-based advisory services. Rather than being sold products on a commission basis, many of them feel that an independent advisor with a comprehensive, neutral approach to wealth management, such as Portfolio Concept, is an attractive alternative.

Transparent service instead of hidden costs.

Sound advice is never free. Even if comes without a visible price tag, you are still paying for it in the shape of commissions and fees – a hidden incentive to agents to lean towards certain products, often their employer’s. We prefer full transparency and will never charge commission on our wealth management services.

Our fees consist of a small annual administrative charge and a performance-related bonus. This bonus, a fixed percentage of the net return generated by your investment, is only payable if your investment is profitable and only once any temporary losses have been recouped in full.

We are independent and client-centered.

We answer to no one but you. We are independent of complex corporate structures, fund companies and banks. We are not obliged to anyone to sell a certain product. We work one hundred percent to your specifications. It’s the only way we can avoid conflicts of interest while finding the solution that’s best for you.

Clear rules – strong professionalism.

Independent asset managers are subject to the same stringent legislation as banks. The German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) conducts a careful review of the managing directors’ professional and personal suitability and of their track record before they issue the license without which no independent asset manager can start trading.

Certified, safe, and trustworthy.

You may not have doubts about our professionalism and reliability, yet it’s still good to know that we’re regularly monitored by government agencies and auditors. Your account statements tell you whether your investments are performing well. Highly efficient official monitoring and supervision systems make sure that we do, too.

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