Managed Futures

Streamline your portfolio with technical trading systems and CTAs

Benefit from our experience as one of Germany’s oldest independent asset management firms and alternative investment brokers.

Whatever direction the traditional equity, bond or realty markets are going, we give you access to technical trading systems for successful futures trading as well as CTA strategies that help weatherproof your portfolio against market trends and fluctuations.

Trading systems

Most trading systems are based on future trading. They are useful in that they can participate in rising as well as falling markets, and employ a systematic set of statistical parameters. This rules out common behavioral finance errors and removes the investor’s dependency on the portfolio manager

CTAs – Commodity Trading Advisor

CTAs are asset managers that are licensed to operate in the US. They aim to achieve a consistent increase in value throughout all market phases by applying sophisticated hedging strategies and diversifying the invested capital across several different markets. Their strategies work in both rising and falling markets, and may even benefit in sideways markets by capturing option premiums. CTA strategies, like technical trading systems, correlate weakly or even negatively with traditional asset classes.

Selected Strategies

As independent asset manager Portfolio Concept works with the world’s most capable systems developers and CTAs to offer our clients an intriguing variety of first-rate trading strategies. We apply our very own due diligence to decide what trading strategy to offer. Only trading systems and CTA strategies that have performed consistently for a certain period of time in in-house tests are subsequently put at our clients’ disposal.

Clients may also sign an agreement authorizing Portfolio Concept to trade a variety of technical trading systems and CTA strategies on their behalf.

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