Contact us for a free portfolio check.

Investors whose portfolios contain securities of any kind should have them checked through at least once a year, preferably by a non-bank provider.

We would be delighted to conduct a portfolio check for you, matching it up against your personal situation, your investment goals, and your propensity for risk. The aim is to assess its risk-return profile and suggest ways to optimize it in line with modern portfolio theory. These checks often reveal that the investor’s risk profile does not match up with the assets in the portfolio. In several cases they are not diversified enough, that is, not spread sufficiently among different asset classes. Also, the portfolios often contain a disproportionate share of the bank’s or savings bank’s own products.

Just as we all need regular medical checks to stay healthy, so does your portfolio.

Complete our questionnaire and have our team of experts give you recommendations on how you can optimize or even restructure your portfolio. All data is treated fully confidentially.

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