portfolio pro series

Fund-based wealth management for private investors

In addition to our classic wealth management services, clients wishing to invest upwards of EUR 50,000 can opt for our fund-based wealth management services.

Our portfolio pro series represents a carefully selected collection of fund-based products that are suitable for investment objectives ranging from safe to dynamic. These five standardized portfolios are actively managed accounts and fully in line with the clients’ personal propensity for risk. They are the ideal choice for investors who’d like their assets to be managed professionally, but initially on a slightly smaller scale.

Portfolio Concept, as an independent asset manager, takes all investment decisions relating to the portfolios and regularly adjusts their structure to reflect current market conditions. Clients select the portfolio that corresponds most closely with their personal investment objectives


Advantages of the portfolio pro series

  • Professionally managed custody accounts

  • No management fee

  • Transparent, low costs

  • Suitable for all personal investment objectives

  • Independent choice of funds

  • Read access to your online account

  • Six-monthly detailed reports
  • Clients benefit from wealth management expertise even for small-scale investments
  • Savings plans also available
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