Private clients

Tailored wealth management for private investors

We develop ideal investment strategies in alignment with the requirements and wishes of private clients seeking to invest a minimum of EUR 500,000. Before we invest, however, we put these requirements in writing and sign an agreement with the client that reflects their personal objectives, their propensity for risk, and their liquidity targets.

Then we decide how to structure the portfolio and spread the capital among different asset classes. In practice, it’s possible to define a variety of investment objectives – depending on whether clients prefer to play it safe or head for a high-yield opportunity – for which we have developed dedicated asset management strategies. We will also develop a specialized solution if the client’s requirements happen to be more complex.

portfolio pro series: Our fund-based wealth management product line

In addition to our classic wealth management services, clients wishing to invest upwards of EUR 50,000 can also make use of our portfolio pro series, a special collection of fund-based wealth management products.

Read more about our portfolio pro series.

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